nutriSCOPE - one of the 24 semi-finalists in Agri-Food Canada's Food Waste Reduction Challenge

7 May 2021

The $20-million Food Waste Reduction Challenge was launched in November 2020 to accelerate and advance diverse and high-impact solutions to food waste in Canada.

We are thrilled to announce that nutriSCOPE was selected as one of the 24 semi-finalists, out of 343 applications, to advance to the next stage of the Challenge. Our solution is focused on preventing food waste along the Supply Chain.

nutriSCOPE - named one of top 10 hottest Food Waste Innovation Start-Ups

18 November 2020

The ECR Innovation Challenge 2020 connected start-ups and innovators with global retailers to pilot and scale new approaches to tackling food waste.

nutriSCOPE was named one of the top ten innovators by ECR Retail Loss Group and a group of twenty ECR retailers. On November 18, we had the opportunity to present our comprehensive solution to a virtual audience of global retailers.

nutriSCOPE joins Trace Alliance

23 October 2020

This partnership’s main objective is to advance collaboration and trade between the European Union (EU) and Canadian companies and to strengthen supply chain transparency, enhance trust, and ensure data integrity.

The need to provide enhanced product traceability, enable rapid recalls of unsafe goods, verify countries of origin, combat mislabeling, and eliminate fraudulent products has become ever more apparent.

nutriSCOPE - action partner to McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics

June 2020